The Exit Interview

What to Expect:

Basic interview skills are important to develop. This process is not meant to overwhelm or scare you. Sharing your career exploration journey with the Smart Futures evaluators will assist you in practicing for future interviews and building public speaking confidence. Think of the Exit Interview as an opportunity to share your plans for life after high school with someone that doesn’t know you. 

Tips for the Interview:

    • Dress appropriately in presentable clothing
    • Arrive to the high school office about 10 minutes PRIOR to your scheduled appointment time
    • Shake hands, introduce yourself, and make eye contact
    • Smile and relax!
      • Consider this a conversation about your future…we are excited to hear about your plans and what you learned throughout the Smart Futures course

Required Materials:

Together with the Smart Futures evaluators, you may access the assignments you have completed in or uploaded to Smart Futures. Be prepared to review and discuss your experiences with the assigned activities. Review the checklist provided on the “Assignment Checklist” page for all required assignments.

In addition, you must bring a paper copy of your Final Resume AND your laptop to the interview.

Additional Guidelines:

    • All Smart Futures assignments should be completed by January 1 of your senior year.
    • CTC Full Day students will interview at CTC on their assigned date
    • Half-Day CTC students will interview at CCHS on their assigned date
    • If you are absent on the day of your assigned interview, you must present a valid excuse note…failure to do so will result in an “Unsatisfactory” and you will only have one more opportunity to interview
    • If you have a scheduled field trip, appointment, or sports dismissal on the day of your interview, you must reschedule at least ONE WEEK prior to the original interview date or you will receive an “Unsatisfactory” with only one more opportunity to interview
    • If you fail to keep an appointment and receive a “U” on your report card, your driving privileges may be revokes and you might lose your chance at Honor Roll. 
    • Completion of Smart Futures, including the Exit Interview, is a graduation requirement!