Smart Futures


Smart Futures will consist of various experiences and activities solely focused on career exploration and readiness.


The primary responsibility for fulfilling this graduation requirement lies with the student, with guidance from a school advisor. Portions of the project may possibly be completed in a class, but the majority will be completed independently. The project will be delivered in the format of web-based program, accessible through Clever.


Smart Futures is cumulative, beginning in 9th grade. Students will participate in an Exit Interview in 12th grade. Smart Futures must be successfully completed as part of a student’s graduation requirements.


The primary purpose of Smart Futures is to help ensure that all students have a concrete plan for life after high school. Experiences completed during Smart Futures will be meaningful and attainable for all students. Students will gain further exposure to the world of work and a better understanding of their individual career goals. Most importantly, students will gain better knowledge of what steps must be taken beyond high school to achieve those goals.

Provided below are important Smart Futures documents: