College Admission Representatives and Armed Forces recruiters will be visiting Cedar Crest High School this year. This is a great opportunity to make some face-to-face contact with college admission representatives who will most likely be the person assessing your college application, should you apply at that school.  These colleges are eager to connect with you!  Please sign up at the College & Career Center desk in the Library or email Mrs. Follett at and tell her you would like to meet with the rep.  All visits will be conducted in the Library.  Attendees will receive a pass to attend the morning of the visit day.  Please plan accordingly with your teachers.

Click here for a listing of schools who have visited our campus in the past few years.

Scheduled Visit Dates and Reps at CCHS

Fall visitations are over!  Look for Admission reps to attend our Bold Steps on Thursday, March 21, 2024, for all juniors and seniors!