What is Selective Service?
Selective Service is an independent federal agency responsible for providing additional personnel to the Department of Defense or alternative service programs in the event of a national emergency. 

Who is required to register?
All 18-year-old men living in the United States – both citizens and non-citizens.  Male citizens living abroad must also register with Selective Service.

Where can I register?
At sss.gov in just 45 seconds or pick up a registration card at any U.S. post office and mail it in. 

What if I don’t register?
It is not good – you will not qualify for federally funded grants, loans, or scholarships, job training programs, all federal and postal jobs and an increasing number of state, municipal, first responder, and contractor positions.  Registration is not only a civic duty, it is the law, and your future.

When should I register?
You can register as early as 17 – but you are required to register within 30 days of your 18th birthday.  If you missed that date, register immediately.  There is no penalty up until your 26th birthday.  Once you turn 26, it is too late and you cannot ever register.  Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the longer you are breaking the law and jeopardizing your future benefits.  Research shows that people who don’t register when they turn 18 forget or fail to register later.  So don’t put it off – it’s your future!