Dual Enrollment courses are those that are taken at an institution of higher learning while a student is simultaneously enrolled at Cedar Crest High School.  Credit is awarded both by the institution and by CCHS.  Dual enrollment courses must be pre-approved by the building principal if high school credit is requested.  Students may request no more than 1 high school credit (2 college courses) during the summer.  Students may request no more than 2 high school credits (4 college courses) during the academic year.  Students may earn no more than 8 CCHS credits toward GPA credits per year, not including summer credit.  Dual enrollment credit is included in this maximum.  Dual enrollment credit is offered to twelfth grade students only.  Students are responsible for seeking out dual enrollment opportunities and meeting with Mr. Groff for final approval.  Students are also responsible for enrolling in programs at their own expense.

Questions should be directed to the student’s School Counselor.  Return this form to the Counseling Office; you will present this proposal to Mr. Groff for approval.

Local post-secondary schools for Dual Enrollment credit are:

Central Penn College


Lebanon Valley College

Messiah University

PA College of Health Sciences 

Thaddeus Stevens: Enroll in Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology as a 12th grader and complete your first year of college while you are a senior in high school.  Students attend at Thaddeus Stevens, with a 50% tuition rate and financial aid.  Applications become available in August of the junior year.  The deadline to apply is March 1 of the junior year.